I'm having issues with Garage Band 10, when trying to set up custom sound fonts.
I installed them in /Library/Audio/Sounds/Banks

Then I opened the MIDI file, doing these steps:

  • I select my track
  • I choose Smart Control
  • I select DLS Music Device like this: DLS Music Device

  • Then it seems to work. I can see all my banks: Banks working

  • But when I select the second track, doing exactly the same steps, I see another interface for DLS Music Device. With this one I can't select sound founts. Here's a screenshot: DLS Music Device

I can't understand the difference between the first and the second track.

What is causing this? How can I open the right interface I need?


Have the same problem, strange, but works once in a time (don't know the reason) : try it again after having created a different track without DLS

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