I would like to move my dock via keyboard shortcut between displays. When I connect my second display (which I use as my active display) and try to use the pad to 'learn' this new display is the main one it takes probably 20-30 seconds of moving my mouse up and down before the display finally jumps.

I was wondering if there is a keyboard shortcut that exists or I could create that could handle this action?


I thought perhaps the default [Opt + Cmd +D] to toggle Turn Dock Hiding On/Off would work. I considered that, depending on which display was active, that toggling the dock would cause it to appear on whichever display was active at the time. However, I find that dock remains on the given display.

However, I believe the solution is simply to explain how the mouse or trackpad is used to move the dock.

The rule is that by moving the cursor 1" below the bottom of the given display, the dock will then move.

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  • Moving the cursor below the display? Not sure that makes complete sense to me... – MarkII Jun 29 '15 at 18:57
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    When you move the cursor to bottom of the display, it doesn't actually "move" below the bottom of the display. However, Mac OSX continues tracking the cursor movement, and if that movement goes 1" below the bottom of the screen, then the Dock will switch to that display. In your original description, you stated you were "...[spending] 20-30 seconds of moving my mouse up and down before the display finally jumps." What you didn't realize is that, sometime in there, you'd moved the cursor 1" below the bottom of the display, in effect causing the Dock to shift. – Vzzdak Jun 29 '15 at 19:45
  • A corollary of the [1" below display] feature is that users can seemingly move the Dock between displays seemingly randomly, causing them to wonder how to get the Dock to move back to their main display. – Vzzdak Jun 29 '15 at 19:51
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    I'm going to have to do that. The moving the cursor below the display is far from 100% correct result. I've found myself moving cursor down for 5-10 seconds before I finally move around the display, click a few things, then try again and hope it works this time. Basically back where I started. – MarkII Jul 1 '15 at 23:45
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    FINALLY an answer that makes sense! This has been bugging me for years. You can always get the dock to appear on any given monitor by first getting the cursor all the way to the edge, THEN with a second gesture flicking down with gusto, in a way that would normally move your cursor at least one inch. The cursor won't move (since you're already at the edge), but the intent to go down an inch is recorded, and this will reliably get the dock to move where your cursor is! – btown Nov 11 '19 at 1:55

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