Today while I was trying to transfer pictures from computer to my iPhone, I selected the folder I wanted to copy then a message appeared on the screen that

Photos synced to iPhone from other photo libraries or folders will be removed and photos will be synced from this computer. Photos taken from iPhone will not affected.

I entered the option Remove and Sync.

Now the older pictures have been deleted and the new one's have been added.

How can I recover the older picture?


iDevices can only by synced to one computer running iTunes.
Syncing to a new computer/iTunes will erase all previous data.

If you still have the other computer that the iPhone was last synced to, then you might be able to retrieve them from your last backup. Alternatively, check your iCloud storage.

It would have been far safer to click Cancel & instead copy the previous photos to the computer using Photos.app or Image Capture, Mac or Photo Gallery [part of MS Essentials], PC.

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