Before I go to the issue, I did find a similar thread, but it's quite outdated and I'm not sure if it suits for me.

Around two years ago when I got my Mac, I decided to install Seagate Media Sync for my GoFlex device. Now, 3 years after purchase of the drive, I'd like to get rid of it and uninstall Media Sync from my computer. I got rid of the app but theres a 2nd app inside it's application support folder which keeps launch itself even if I quit the process.

I saw that one can run a specific terminal command to remove it, but I just wanted to make sure I have the correct instructions. The file is located inside the /Libary/LaunchAgents folder and named "com.seagate.mediasync.plist", some say it's just sufficient to remove the .plist file from there, but won't OS X constantly give a error because it has instructions to launch it? If it's better to just do it through terminal, I'd rather do that but I'm not certain which command that fits.. According to this article(also a bit outdated), you'll just need to run launchctl remove com.anoying.service, but it doesn't say anything about .plist files and more like folders..

Thank you in advance!

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Run the command you mentioned, then delete the plist. That's all there is to it.


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