I've just installed Lion on my 24" iMac from 2006 and do have again problems with screen-freezes due to overheating. This is a known issue with the 2006 iMacs since OSX late 10.5 / 10.6. While for (Snow) Leopard it was possible to overcome this problem by deactivating a kernel extension of the graphics card driver, this does not seem to have any effect with Lion.

How do i disable visual effects with Lion, such as smooth window-moving, drop-shadows everywhere, window-animations, smooth video playback etc.?

Thanks so much!


I just wanted to make clear, that I have already tried some UI tweak applications like Cocktail and iTweax. While they are able to disable some animations, the most "expensive" effects are not turned off (at least not as far as I know) like smooth window moving and drop-shadows.


The place to go to disable animation is in the Secrets preference pane. You can disable a lot of the animations. Has a few Lion preferences and is updated in realtime from the community.

  • thanks a lot! i will have a look and try if this solves my problems. if so, i will get back and accept this as answer!
    – harald
    Jul 30 '11 at 22:17
  • it's pretty unfortunate that Apple didn't build a native control panel or toggle for the animations
    – sofly
    Sep 28 '11 at 22:20

TinkerTool 4.7 (free version)

has many customization options. New features include:

Release 4.7 (Build 110906)

  • disable the animation effect when opening windows (Lion only).
  • disable the animation effect when opening a reply window in Apple Mail (Lion only).

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