So I waste too much time on my phone. Checking Facebook and Twitter, browsing to read unproductive things, etc. I should just stop, but I'm curious if there is a technological deterrent to my habit.

I suspect that an unlock delay would be perfect. If I knew that my phone would take 30 or 60 seconds to unlock, then I would be significantly less likely to pick up my phone at all, when I don't need anything. I need to have my phone near me and on for work, but I would like it if the time-wasting aspects of my phone were less convenient.

Is there any sort of setting or app that could help with this?

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There's no setting to delay the unlock, but what you could do is go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, switch off Use Touch ID for iPhone Unlock, and then switch off Simple Passcode.

Switching off Use Touch ID for iPhone Unlock will disable your fingerprint's ability to unlock your phone, and switching off Simple Passcode will make you write a passcode that can be any length you want, with any characters you want. You can make the only way into your phone long/inconvenient enough to not be worth the hassle of typing on such a regular basis.

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