Which software/hardware can turn my iPhone into a decent remote control for my TV?

(Are there any reviews out there that compare the options?)

  • Do you want it to be an IR remote, correct?
    – pgb
    Aug 7, 2010 at 18:47

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You'll need an IR dongle (the iPhone doesn't natively have any IR capabilities). Google for iPhone IR remote and you'll see several options.


Some of the new internet-connected TVs can be controlled via WiFi using apps available in the App Store. Here's an example for 2010 model Samsung Internet@TVs.


The Griffin Beacon looks like it should do what you want. It combines an iPhone app with an IR emitter that you place on a table and control via Bluetooth.


My entertainment system is basically a PC plugged in to a flat screen TV, so I've found apps like this work well:


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