about 2-3 a week our 10.9 server machine starts filling logs with 'unable to write to /private/tmp/..." errors. many per second. the permissions to go 755 apparently.

it's easily fixed with a manual setting of permissions or a disk util repairpermissions. but if uncaught, it causes problems for the server (of course). nothing obvious in logs just before these errors start.

i can't figure out what's causing this to go wonky repeatedly. has anyone seen similar behavior? not sure what's causing it. nothing suspicious in chron or launchagents/daemons.

i'm using sns iscsi initiator, in case anyone else out there has seen this problem.

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Maybe resetting the permissions on a user's home directory helps: This is easily accomplished by resetting ACLs on the desired home directly by using the Reset Password Utility in the Recovery Partition: 1 Restart your computer from the recovery partition (restart while holding CMD+R). 2 Open Disk Utility and run a permissions repair on your startup volume. After this is complete, close Disk Utility (doing this just for good measure). 3 Open Terminal from the Utilities menu. Type in resetpassword and select your user account (NOT System Administrator/root) from the drop down menu. 4 Click the Reset Button at the bottom of the window in the Reset home folder permissions and ACLs section. 5 Quit the Password Utility and go back to the main recovery screen. 6 On your keyboard, hit CMD+Q and restart your computer. It's very important that you don't hold down the power button to exit the recovery session, or the ACL reset won't occur.

  • How will setting permissions on a home director affect /tmp ?
    – mmmmmm
    Commented Jun 23, 2015 at 15:40

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