On OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, I use keyboard text shortcuts:

Keyboard text shortcuts

I have a large list of text shortcuts I would like to use.

  1. Is it possible to import my shortcuts into the OS X/iOS list of shortcuts?
  2. Where are my keyboard text shortcuts stored on my Mac?

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If you sign in with the same primary iCloud account on OS X and iOS, the list of shortcuts is synchronised automatically.

It's currently unknown where the shortcuts are stored. source



Summary of steps:


  1. Open System Preferences > Keyboard > Text.
  2. Select the shortcuts you want to export (or one and then use "Select All" from the Edit menu).
  3. Drag the selected shortcuts to the desktop. This creates a file name Text Substitutions.plist that contains the substitutions you selected.


  1. Drag the Text Substitutions.plist file (created through Export) to the area of the System Preferences window where the text substitutions are shown (under Replace or With).

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