A long time ago, there was an iOS app that was quite innovative for the time. The way it worked was that two iDevices on the same Wi-Fi network that wanted to share data (for instance a picture) would launch this app and come to a virtual "table". The edge of the table would be a recipient. To send the picture, the sender would choose what to share and bring it to the table, and then swipe the picture off a particular edge of the screen, and it would slide in on the recipient's device. As far as I can recall, the UI was white.

Can anyone name this app?

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Put something — a contact, a photo, a video, a file — on the Mover table, connect two iOS or Mac OS X thingies to the same Wi-Fi network and slide away. It's that simple, really. (Yep, you can also use Bluetooth between iPhones, iPod touches and iPads, if you're on the go!)

∞labs, the developer of Mover, shut down a while ago and the app is no longer available.

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