Is it possible to give a custom name to a browser window on OS X?

Perhaps by using a Window Manager that has this feature? If yes, which one has it?

The motivation for this question is : I have 100 browser tabs open, all on different topics. It would be great to cluster these 100 browser tabs into different browser windows, each having a meaningful name.

For example :

  • 1st browser window for cat pictures named "cat pictures", having 10 tabs open about cats

  • 2nd browser window for Haskell programming, having 10 tabs about Haskell open, named "Haskell"

  • 3rd browser window for Buying a new meachanical keyboard, where I have 10 different tabs open about different keyboard review sites... named "keyboard"

Any idea how to do this on OS X?

  • The latest version of Safari doesn't have a browser window name, just tab names. Jun 19, 2015 at 10:17

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It is possible with this extension for Firefox:


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