After experimentation with Apple Mail, Rules settings, I'm left with a rainbow-colored inbox, and I want to remove all of that coloring which is no longer specified by my Rules settings. I've tried using the "apply rules" command after selecting all messages, but all prior messages remain colored improperly.

How can I do this?

  • I can't somehow "factory reset" Apple Mail, our tech guy will not be happy if the settings of the mail server, etc is messed up.

  • I can't delete my message history, the old messages must be kept.

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The simples to way to do that for the OSX 10.7.5 - Mail 5.3

I believe it is done in Fonts.



ios mail 10.3. This worked for me:

select "format" select "show colors" select your desired color, probably black click on the color box below

hope this helps

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