Is it possible to download Mac OS X to a PC? Some people have told me that it is possible but I've done some research and I haven't found anything that really convinces me the real Mac OS is somewhere on the internet. I don't want to download a virus or something that is not actually Mac OS (but a "knockoff").

Is there any, 100%, Mac OS that can be downloaded to a PC? And if so, what is the link?


No, you can't download OS X installer from Internet, it is available only via Mac App Store.

If your want to build a PC able to run Mac OS X, this project is called OSx86 or also known as Hackintosh.

There are a lot of guides and hardware compatibility lists on tonymacx86 website. For example, if you want to install Mac OS X Yosemite on an Intel based PC you can follow this instructions. As you can see, you have to previously download the Mac OS X image from the App Store to build a bootable USB drive.

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