Product: MacBook Air(early 2015) with OS X Yosemite.

The issue is, that I happen to have my Yosemite reinstalled, so I restarted my MacBook and at the sound of the chime(startup sound of Yosemite), I pressed ⌥ Opt+R and subsequently selected the Disk Utility. Once into that, I erased my whole Macintosh HD and then restarted the computer after which I was expecting the reinstall to be done automatically.

I am a novice in the Mac world.

Now once after the reinstall, I was forced into a screen with 4 options of reinstalling, Disk Utility, Time Machine and help from Apple.

I tried to reinstall, but due to a slow internet connection, I wasn't able to reinstall using Internet Recovery.

Now I created a bootable disk with "InstallESD.dmg" (using tansmac on windows) This copy of installed is the one downloaded from macworld torrents. It was after that I restarted the computer this time pressing only the ⌥ Opt key and then all I had was this black screen with a box that asked me for the network I had.

I selected mine in a hope it might work with my USB but it just shows an Internet Recovery option with a globe which I cannot afford due to my slow internet connection. Is there any specific key to select the bootable image because it isn't appearing there?

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It sounds like there is a problem with the USB installer. To confirm this, restart holding Option + R to return to Disk Utility, and verify you formatted the drive as "Mac OS X Extended (Journaled).

If you have a working bootable usb, holding the "option" key should show you the Startup Manager menu:

enter image description here


Here are a few tutorials on creating Bootable USB OS X installers:


How do I create a Mac bootable USB drive using Windows?


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