I recently enabled FileVault on both my mid-2012 Retina MacBook Pro and my external USB drive containing a Carbon Copy Cloner backup.

My external drive is attached directly to the MBP. I also have a powered USB hub attached to the MBP's other USB port (no drives are attached to the hub).

Since enabling FileVault, I've noticed a peculiar behavior on the boot menu (holding option at startup):

  • If I leave the hub attached during startup, the CCC drive doesn't show up in the boot menu.

  • If I leave the hub unplugged during startup, the CCC drive shows up.

  • Swapping the USB ports for the drive and hub changes nothing.

Any ideas what the cause of this might be?

(Side note: I've also noticed that both the internal recovery partition and CCC's recovery partition are missing from the menu. But that's apparently normal from what I've researched.)

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Its because the hub is able to connect drives so the hub shows it similar to how an empty optical drive shows up.

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