Whether it is Chrome, Firefox or Safari, I always encounter this problem. I stream this video and let it loads for like 30 minutes so I can watch. Meanwhile, I navigate through my 10 other tabs. At some point I want to check how's the progress on the streaming video download. But all of a sudden, I accidentally click on the little cross that's hidden to close on the video tab and al the download is lost!

I'm using Safari, so I need a fix for this browser, maybe Chrome too. I noticed that if I'm on Safari and the page is a form and I accidentally close the tab, it warns me if I'm sure I want to close the tab. I wish it could do the same for any tab.

Does anyone know a trick or extension that would help?

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In Firefox, you could use the Pinned Tab feature.

Pinned Tabs allow you to always keep your favorite web apps like Facebook, Gmail and Twitter open and just a click away. Pinned Tabs are small, can't be closed accidentally and open automatically when you start Firefox.

To create a pinned tab just "ctrl click" on it and select pin tab. Now you can not accidentally close it.


In Safari you would use the Top Sites feature displaying thumbnail images of the web sites you visit most often. There you can Pin a Tab.

pin top

  • I like this Firefox extension Buscar웃SD because I thought about the problem of having to constantly click on the are-you-sure-you-want-to-close-this-tab button when I would only need it for some sensitive tabs such as loaded video I wouldn't want to reload again. I didn't get your last sentence though for Safari and how it would help to not accidentally close a tab. Jun 14, 2015 at 2:15

Instead of using your mouse you can use the keyboard to cycle through the tabs. The keys Ctrl+Tab will go forward through your ten tabs and Ctrl+Shift+Tab will go backward. At no time will these key commands close a tab by mistake.

Should you want to close a tab however you can achieve this with Command+W. Once you've finished using your browser you can close it with Command+Q.

Edit: Further to my answer in the latest version of Safari you have the ability to pin tabs. Once a tab is pinned the only way to close it is to right click it with the mouse and select "close tab" Even the Command + W keyboard combination won't close it.

  • Thanks Nathaniel, that's an idea. However I think this is one particular case where using shortcut here would be slightly slower than using the mouse. I use tons of shortcut including the 2 last ones you mentioned to save time instead of moving the mouse but I personally prefer to use the mouse in this very specific case. But you're right, with this method no risk to close a task by accident. Jun 14, 2015 at 2:10

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