Does the MB Air with thunderbolt only connect with Apples Thunderbolt monitor? What are the options for third party monitors with DVI or VGA?

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They're the same as for other computers with Thunderbolt:

  • DVI/VGA/HDMI with cheap passive Mini DisplayPort adapters (audio is included over HDMI, assuming your adapter supports it)
  • dual-link DVI with a more-expensive active Mini DisplayPort adapter
  • any native DisplayPort monitor (many mid-to-high-end monitors already have them)
  • any Thunderbolt monitor (all one of them currently announced)

You can use any Mini DisplayPort adapter that you might already have, or any that are available for purchase. I have my brand-new 2011 MBA hooked up with a Monoprice MDP->DVI adapter right now.


The MB Air has a Thunderbolt port but you can also just plug in a Mini DisplayPort with an adapter to a pretty much any monitor or TV you want. You can use a number of adapters such as Mini DisplayPort -> DVI or HDMI.

Mini DisplayPort to DVI on Monoprice

Mini DisplayPort to DVI on Apple Store

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