I have an iPhone5s and I was wondering how to shoot 60fps videos since it can shoot at 120fps I want a reliable and a free solution please Thanks

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The stock camera app does not allow iPhone 5 to shoot in 60fps, however there are both jailbreak tweaks and App Store apps that allow you to do so. The tweak I know is named CameraTweak (seems to be iOS 8 and below though). There is also an app named SlowPro that works just fine as well.


It appears that the iOS app 60fps Camera will enable you to shoot 60fps on an iPhone 5s. I've not tried it, however reviews seem to be better than average and it cost US$2.99.

By the way, I googled iphone 5 app 60fps video and it was the 2nd link. You might find other options this way as well.

  • I want a free solution if possible. I thought maybe there's a tweak to enable it on the Camera app. Or maybe a free reliable application. – coding4fun Jun 8 '15 at 6:24
  • You should update your question to reflect free and reliable. – quip Jun 8 '15 at 7:15

I know this used to be possible under either iOS 5 or 6 on my iPHONE4. What you can do now is use another app which increases quality of the video/photo due to compression features which of course is still under the app's control and not iOS.

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