Where does Alfred store default and custom web searches that you create on your Mac?

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(Note, 1) I have my Alfred preferences located on my dropbox, but the default location is at ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2, i.e., in your home folder's Library folder, and 2) the following is for the Alfred 2 app)

Using sudo opensnoop | grep Alfred.alfredpreferences in terminal (if using this you'll need to provide your admin password), I see that adding a custom web search updates the following file within the Alfred.alfredpreferences.

Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/features/websearch/prefs.plist in the Finder.

You'll need to right-click on the Alfred.alfredpreferences file to "Show Package Contents" to view these folders.

Once you've navigated to the .plist file, it can be view via Quicklook by pressing the Space Bar whist the file is highlighted.

  • Thanks. I see the custom searches that I have created in the prefs.plist file but where are the default searches that come with Alfred when you install it stored
    – Ishan
    Jun 8, 2015 at 6:38
  • It looks like a change to a default search updates: Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/local/. There is a unique folder that then has several files update, including: /appearance, /appearance/options, /features, /features/clipboard, /features/defaultresults, /features/defaultresults/scope, /features/filenavigation, /features/filenavigation/customhomefolder, /hotkey, and /update. That's all I can help you with. You may have some success in contacting Alfred directly.
    – quip
    Jun 8, 2015 at 7:13

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