OS X's open and save dialogues have a very detailed way of remembering (or forgetting, depends on how you see it) the directory you're working in. I have the impression it is saved individually for each app and dialogue type.

A use case: we have a file my/akward/long/path/logos/logo.ai which we want to convert to a png and then upload it to a website.

  • Illustrator: Open Dialogue: Browse to my/akward/long/path/logos/.
  • Illustrator: Save for web - Save Dialogue: We're somewhere else (where we last exported to), browse to my/akward/long/path/logos/ again, save the png.
  • Chrome: Upload button, Open dialogue: Oh no, again, we're where we last uploaded from. Browse to my/akward/long/path/logos/ and upload the png.

I find this constant directory browsing extremely tedious.

I just want all Save, Open and possible other dialogues of all Apps to stay in the same directory. Until I change to another directory, then stay there.

Is that possible? Maybe with an extra app?


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