As of April 2014, Google Voice apparently broke the GrowlVoice 2.0.3 interface. Since then various fixes/patches/etc have arisen. I need a procedure to reliably (re)install a working variant on Mac OS 10.9.5--I don't (yet) want to upgrade to Yosemite. I have to reinstall every time I'm forced to reboot my laptop, and on the last reboot, all my past tricks (that I can remember at least, derived from these sources) appear to be failing, with this result: "Sign in error: The operation couldn't be completed. (com.google.HTTPStatus error 404.)"

I need a "from scratch," Mac OS 10.9.5 procedure to get Growl Voice working:

  1. Remove all existing, conflicting files/artifacts.
  2. Install http://www.growlvoice.com/trials/growlvoice-2.0.3.zip or some other canonical source of the App.
  3. Fix/patch/whatever #2.
  4. Preferably: make the above work through reboots.

Since I'm having trouble on this latest (re)install, I need a full, autonomous procedure (to de-install all pertinent and potentially-conflicting files, install GrowlVoice, install patches, etc); most if not all the procedures here appear to be partials.

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According to this discussion, on approximately 2015-05-26, users first noticed that Google broke the API that supported GrowlVoice.

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