I did a bug report because of this Xcode Situation ( Xcode.app gets scanned by socketfilterfw (OS X Firewall) at every launch ).

I wonder about the time Apple usually needs to respond.

Weeks, Months? I really have no clue.
If you know more (from your experience) please tell me.

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    Looking over the 15 bugs I've reported since 2005, I've never received a response from bugreport.apple.com. If the bug you're reporting is a common one, and thus Apple has many reports already, you'll never get a response.
    – IconDaemon
    May 28, 2015 at 12:25
  • Thanks. Ah ok, I see. I thought they will somehow send me a mail lol silly me. But the status changed ?
    – user128544
    May 28, 2015 at 12:27

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There is no easy way to tell how/when/if Apple acts on your bug report. I have filed quite a few bug reports during the last years. Some still seem to be unchanged since I created them, some got closed silently and there is only one where I ever got notified that the fix would be in the next OS X release.

So basically you filed the report, now just ignore it :-)


Additionally, you should file your bug on Open Radar, that is a community maintain website who tries to keep as much reports public. A radar basically contains just the same information you report to Apple.

Note that, usually OSX/iOS developers ask for help regarding concrete radars, this is because "we suppose/believe" that if lots of people reports the same bug, it will be fixed soon. It's a common practice to report a bug on Apple bug tracker by just copying the radar report.


If you've developer account, you can try to report the bug at  Bug Reporter with specific details of reproducing the issue. The time depends how on its Rank and whether the bug was described accurately.

If it's major issue, I believe it'll get the response fairly quickly.

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