I recently purchased my first rMBP and I have noticed that Mail receives emails extremely slow. I receive the email on my iPhone 10 - 15 minutes before it appears on Mail.

I've tried searching for solutions however it doesn't seem like this is a problem many are having. Anyone have any solutions?

  • the iPhone's email populates by "push" which means as soon as the server gets it, you will be notified. The Mac's email is "pulled" at a timed interval as Buscar웃SD mentions below...
    – scoutelder
    May 26 '15 at 2:18

In Mail there is a Activity view. Turn it on and see what is happening.

It looks like this


All the bars should disappear with in a 1-2 minutes.

Also check in the Mail preferences the setting for how frequently to check for Mail. Hope it is not set on 15 minutes but more frequently.

get mail


Make sure the IDLE command is selected in Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Account in question > Advanced", if supported by your server.
It's not the same as 'Push', but can speed up Mail delivery.

enter image description here


Consider clearing or archiving folders where mail is automatically being placed.

After trying many things (like clobbering old directories in Caches, Preferences and Containers) with only minimal benefit, I had some success by clearing out some subfolders that I don't pay much attention to, where I have less-important mail refiled by server-side rules.

When those folders had around 10K messages in them, I saw mail get stuck "Downloading messages" forever, not pull in incoming Mail for hours (until restart), or simply crash occasionally. I haven't seen any of those since clearing out that clutter, knock on wood.

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