How does my iPhone 5s get to airplane mode if I do not go into Settings and change it manually to airplane mode?

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    I am not aware of an instance that an iPhone would automatically disable its antenna's and go into Airplane Mode. I have a suspicion that it is a hardware problem or perhaps a low-level OS bug that is causing the problem. – bassplayer7 May 23 '15 at 14:42
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    It's better to take it to an apple service center.. – vembutech May 25 '15 at 14:38
  • I have an Iphone 5S 64g I have the same problem and have 8 service tickets open with Apple. No solution from them. The airplane mode comes on when using Polar Beat App. and Bose Soundsport inear headphones. I just updated to IOS 8.4 June 30 and used the Bose inear headphones with Polar beat and the airplane mode came on automatically. Yesterday I used the Apple earbuds and it did not come on. Which apps are open when it comes on and are you using any type of headphones. – user134270 Jun 30 '15 at 21:02

You can use the control center!

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  • This really isn't an answer to the question, which was "How does it do it by itself?" not "How else can I do it?" – Tetsujin May 23 '15 at 13:37
  • Since the OP mentions going into Settings to switch to airplane mode, it's possible the OP isn't aware of the swipe-up menu option and is hitting the icon by mistake. Additionally, it does technically answer the question due to the "if I do not go into settings" qualifier. 'Saying. – Rampant Jun 30 '15 at 21:16

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