I'm creating enterprise signed builds of an iOS app for our test team. The app is 1.5 gigabytes. When I compile and run from Xcode it takes a couple of minutes to install. If I create an IPA and have them drag it into the device browser in Xcode, it can take an hour to install.

Has anyone who has seen this behavior found a way to speed the install? Jailbreaking is not an option.

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I found someone offline who had a solution.

  • Unzip the IPA. (In Finder you can rename it from .ipa to .zip then double-click on it).
  • Open the resulting folder called "Payload".
  • Drag the file in the folder into Xcode devices (or iTunes).

Copying is much, much faster than dragging the IPA.


Installing through Xcode doesn't compress the app: it just downloads the binary to the device. An .ipa is a .zip file with a different extension—it's compressed, and 1.5 GB takes a while to decompress on an iOS device.

  • Amazing how long it takes compared to on a MacBook Pro!
    – Ben Flynn
    Commented May 21, 2015 at 17:59

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