I just got an iPad Air 2. I would like to lock the screen rotation but it doesn't have the rotation lock switch. I also checked this community and tried someone's answer, which was to go to control center. This didn't work because I didn't see rotation lock control in control center.


On an iPad Air 2, to access the screen rotation controls:

  1. Turn on/unlock iPad
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap icon which shows padlock with rotating arrow around it - White is on, Grey is off.

Source: Apple

There has also been a noted issue on iOS 8 (pre-8.1) with the rotation lock. You may, if you haven't already, try updating to iOS v8.1+ should the above steps not work.


iPad Air 2 with IOS 12.1.1, in landscape position, swipe down from upper right corner to access control center. Then you should see a padlock icon. Touch to turn off/on.

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