In Windows, there's a really useful keyboard shortcut for scrolling the current text editor window up or down by one line without moving the cursor. This appears to be implemented in the operating system because it works in almost every application.

The shortcut is ⌃ CTRL+↑ Up Arrow to move the viewport up the document and ⌃ CTRL+↓ Down Arrow to move the viewport down the document.

Is there something similar in OS X?

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You can try ⇞ page up and ⇟ page down, which usual pages one whole page back and forth. I don't think there is a system wide shortcut to scroll by line.


Apple's official list of macOS keyboard shortcuts only has ⌃ CTRL+P to "move up one line" and ⌃ CTRL+N to "move down one line", but it seems to work exacly like and , moving the cursor.

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