I can't get archive to work on Lion. When I choose archive in Mail.app it creates a folder called Archived. That's not what I want. When I choose delete it doesn't remove the message from my inbox. It is just greyed out. Right now I leave the messages in the inbox and archive them from my iPhone, which works great. Please help me get this working.


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If you're okay using Mail's delete function as archive, then simply go into Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Gmail > Mailbox Behaviors and deselect both of these options:

[ ] Move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox

[ ] Store deleted messages on the server


Screenshot of settings

Then when you delete a message in Mail, you'll be archiving it.

Reference here:



I had the same problem, and it turned out that I had to enable Auto-expunge in gmail settings; otherwise actions performed in Mail don't sync up to the gmail server in a timely fashion. Just enable auto-expunge.

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