I use my Mac for private and work. Between this two scopes I share a lot of configuration. Because of that I want to use only one account.

Here is my question:

Is a app existing with which I can change between a work and private mode? Here some things that the app should do:

  • enable and disable my work email account
  • mount and unmount a list of devices
  • start a specific collection of software

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I would go for ControlPlane which is location-aware or can change state depending on what devices are plugged in.

You will then need to configure it with a work location and a private or home location.

Things like launching multiple apps would be firstly set up in Automator and saved as a double-clickable script.

For example, I have one that launches Safari and opens a number of websites, then launches iTerm.

You would get ControlPlane to run this script when it detects the stage change.

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