My IPad Backup failed because the back up is corrupt.
Deleting the back up using iTunes or Windows File Explorer and repeating did not work. During Backup to my PC I got multiple popups from ESET NOD32 stating I had "adware" spyware on my IPad. NOD32 erased them on my PC but not IPad. Repeating the back up failed again.
I temporarily disabled NOD32 and the back up worked. But my IPad still has spyware on it.

Searching for spyware removal software or applications .. uncovered nothing. How do I remove spyware, adware, malware from my IPad??


It's kind of Catch 22, but with a get-out clause...

If you let the Windows antivirus delete the suspect file, it will corrupt the backup.
However, as it is being recognised as a Windows virus by a Windows antivirus, then it almost certainly cannot actually have any effect on the iPad.

The iPad, of course, does not run Windows & cannot be infected by a Windows virus - even if it can 'carry' one & unfortunately, possibly pass it on.

One 'fix' would be to ensure your iTunes backups are encrypted [an option available in the Summary page in iTunes when your iPad is connected] - that way the Windows antivirus can't even see the 'infection', nor, as the file would be encrypted & unreadable by Windows itself, could it infect your PC.

The other - more long-term - fix would be to delete the offending files from your iPad; your next backup would then be clean.

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