After upgrading OSX to Yosemite and Skype to 7.7 (335), Skype gets stuck on "Signing in..." when starting.

It does sign in, as Contacts > Add Contact forces the main window to open, but "Signing in..." never goes away.

Already tried, but didn't work:

  • Signing out, quitting ("Signing in..." stays even when signed out), then signing back in.

  • Everything on the Skype support page for Why can't I sign in to Skype for Mac OS X?.

  • Removing ~/Library/Application Support/Skype.

  • Reinstalling Skype

I'm using my Microsoft ID to sign in.

Any clues?

Following the @Buscar advice I used nettop in terminal to monitor Skype connections.

After quitting Skype, I see 3 connections still there about 20 seconds after quitting. Two of them use port 443 (status LastAck and FinWait1), the other is on a high port (12k+), status FinWait1. Last one to go away is to blu403-m.hotmail.com:443 with status FinWait1.


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The following procedure seems to have solved the problem:

  1. Sign out from Skype
  2. Quit Skype and wait until all connections listed in nettop are cleared
  3. Open Skype
  4. Choose "Sign in with a different account" from the Microsoft ID login screen.
  5. Try to sign in with Skype Name (but fail, since I can't do that anymore after I linked my Skype account to my MS account).
  6. Go back and sign in with my Microsoft ID.

The "Signing in..." window was displayed for a few seconds, then the home window opened normally. Problem solved. I'm guessing steps 4-6 solved the issue, but I have no idea why.

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At some point skype on my office mac was unable to connect. After trying all the mentioned solutions (update, re-install, delete all preferences files) the problem was still there. On other PC/Mac/Phone I was able to connect.

After some investigation I found that on my office mac I had a public IP address and a secondary private IP address (non routable; like 10.xx.xx.xx) for internal use. Looking at the skype network activity I discovered it used both address.

After disabling the private address it started to work again.

Beware: if you are connected to internet through a modem router (wifi or cabled) your router is doing NAT and so you have a private address that is routed to the public network and so your case is different from mine.

PS Solved the connection problem, if I re-enable the private address, skype is able to work and even to login. Really a nice piece of software!

  • ifconfig to show the IP addresses that you have, then something like sudo ifconfig en0 delete to delete the one that is wrong. I had a bad address from a previous VPN connection, and as soon as I deleted it, Skype could connect again. Commented Jul 28, 2016 at 17:24
  • Voting this answer up. I had the same problem and I fixed it by disabling a secondary IP address I had on the same network interface. On OSX it's called Virtual Interface. After that Skype could log in normally Commented Aug 10, 2016 at 20:07
  1. Kill Skype
  2. Open ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft folder
  3. Move Skype for Desktop folder to trash
  4. Restart Skype

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