I have recently installed a 1TB hardrive on my Mid-2010 MacBook Pro. I understand that it is possible to install Windows 7 through BootCamp (by partitioning the hardrive) on Snow Leopard but is it possible to install OS X Tiger as well?

I have an install disk for OS X Tiger from (MID -I am assuming) 2005 but I am unsure as to how I would accomplish this. Would this be possible by any means? (legally and within the bounds of Apple's EULA of course)

My current OS is OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8.


Lion 10.7 was the first consumer Mac OS to be licensed for virtualisation [OS X Server 10.5 was actually the very first]

No Mac can boot natively on an OS from before it was manufactured, as the drivers to support that hardware weren't yet invented.

There is a distant chance you may be able to get Parallels [list is for current version, not compatible with Snow Leo anyway] to virtualise Tiger [even though it is against the EULA], but I would be doubtful.
VirtualBox supports Leo & Snow Leo Server, not Tiger.

It might be simpler, if not cheaper, to get an old Mac that would run Tiger natively.

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Not possible, I'm afraid. When Apple releases a new model, they add support (drivers, config info, etc) into the current version of OS X (and release it in the form of a new build or version of OS X). Support for that model is never added into older versions of OS X. As a result, your mid-2010 will not be able to run any version of OS X released before mid 2010. No 10.4, no 10.5, not even 10.6.0 through 10.6.2.

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