I am looking for an App that reminds me of Birthdays and Anniversaries. If app can remind me of other dates, it would be "icing on cake" (added advantage).

I know notifications can be handled by native/default Calendar app available on any iOS device.

But catch is, App has to scan contacts and show/notify Birthdays and Anniversaries.

Default Calendar app does good job when it comes to scanning and notifying about Birthdays. But I want app to notify me both - Birthdays and Anniversaries.

I found two app from App store

  1. Yearly (Paid - link): I saw app screenshots, but didn't find any instance of anniversaries.

  2. Anniversary Reminder (Free, Ads-Supported - link): Bad UI, also ads :(

If anyone is using Yearly, I would like to know how it handles anniversaries.

If you know any other app that does what I need, let me know via your response/reply.

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I got Yearly - link. It's working quite well.

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