I'm trying to find a way to import data from an Excel file into OS X Calendar app, but I can only find articles related to iCal, which I am guessing is the iOS App.

Basically we need to import a list of birth dates into the Mac OS Calendar app, through a file exported from Excel (maybe a CSV file?) How do I do this?


iCal is just the old name for what is currently Apple's main "Calendar" application (referenced here). They are exactly the same thing, Apple just rebranded iCal a few years ago.

That being said, there is a relatively easy (albeit lengthy) way to go about putting an Excel file into the Calendar app. Essentially you have to export the Excel document as a CSV, and then change it into an .ics format in order to get it to work. Instead of trying to repeat what I have found, here is the original article (updated as of 2013) which says it much better than I can in this small space.

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    Correct, it's not a terribly streamlined process, which is why I made that post. The difficult part is making sure the headers are exact and that the datetime formats match up perfectly. FWIW, I also made a webapp (linked in the article) for anybody that didn't want to go through uploading and re-downloading through Google: icw.n8henrie.com – n8henrie Dec 27 '16 at 20:02

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