I'm looking for a tool or tools to (1) switch to the next (or previous) space using an arbitrary keybinding, rathern than the modifier+arrow keys allowed in the preferences, and (2) show a (very) small preview of the windows in Spaces in the menubar.

I've been using Desktop Manager to do this since before they were called spaces. Unfortunately Desktop Manager is PowerPC-only and is not being maintained; I'd like a more modern solution. I'm much more interested in solving the first problem; specifically I'd like to have ctrl-command-n to move me to the next space, and ctrl-command-p to go to the previous space.

Any quick solutions?


You can set a shortcut via Keyboard Shortcuts. Remember to tick the checkbox too!

Move Spaces shortcuts

  • Thanks, that was simple! Now that I see a solution available in Lion, I'll upgrade. – Christian Jul 25 '11 at 22:43

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