For some reason, I keep getting this message 5 times on the console every second (approximately):

mdworker[56948]: (Warning) Import: Bad path:

What does this mean? What are the symptoms of this?

If it helps, the following processes I am running: Chrome, Skype, Photoshop, Xcode, Calculator, Applescript Editor, Terminal, Disk Utility

And I also have a no-ip DUC Daemon running

UPDATE: It stopped, and threw some logs similar to this:

11.05.15 21:39:51,000 kernel[0]: [0x4af4807000, 0x1004000]

and an extremely long log with kernel: at the start: http://pastebin.com/Y5h2MgEu

UPDATE: It started again, so I restarted and now the mdworker shows a message 14-17 times a second.

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Exclude from Spotlight

Others reporting this problem suggest external storage may be the cause; a USB stick, network drive, or NAS.

If you have any external storage connected to your Mac, try adding it to the Spotlight Privacy list:

  • System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy > + Button

mdworker is a helper process for Spotlight on OS X.


Mdworker : (Warning) Import : Bad path: wrote:

The problem is MacOS/Spotlight indexing cannot handle partition in NTFS/FAT32 format, which is windows stuff.

mdworker: (warning) import bad path continuously. What does it mean? wrote:

This happened to me too with a fat partition that I have mounted which I share with my other OSs.

Stephen Foskett shared his experience with this bug in Mac OS X Bug: ExFAT Hangs Spotlight and Time Machine:

I’ve had terrible issues with Mac OS X never completing Spotlight indexing and Time Machine backups. I was pulling out my hair until I decided to check the console log. That’s when I saw this: Thousands of mdworker errors, with a dozen appearing every second.

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    Yes! That was it. It's late now, but I did forget to mention that it said KINGSTON indexing forever. And it was coincidentally also a FAT partition
    – John K
    May 14, 2015 at 13:47

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