I have a mid-2007 iMac. It's been getting kernel panics and locking up. I noticed it does this immediately when needing to use accelerated graphics motions, such as running Launchpad, using a translucent dock, etc.

When I run in Safe Mode, the system seems to run alright, as accelerated graphics is off (as I understand it anyway).

I have a picture of a kernel panic (couldn't copy-paste, had frozen by then) if this helps.

enter image description here

I'm planning to open the machine (I have replaced the HD twice) and apply some new thermal glue to the GPU as I think it is overheating. Does anyone have advice on either the process of applying thermal glue here, or on what's going on?

I have tried:

  • Resetting power management
  • Resetting NVRAM / PRAM
  • Running Safe Mode and rebooting to normal

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Try this ( http://blog.krzysztof-turek.com/apple-imac-8-1-freeze-problem-solution-en/ ) I had the same issues ; display frozen but pointer moving but no kernel panic on a mid 2007 imac 2.0 ghz and running osx 10.8 Mountain Lion. the kext swap worked for me . Good Luck

  • Welcome to Ask Different! We generally try and avoid link-only answers, since they become invalid if the link ever dies. If you could edit your post to describe the solution listed in the article, that'd be great. Thanks!
    – user24601
    Jul 5, 2015 at 23:20
  • Thank you. This problem simply went away, so I don't have a need to try this answer any more. I still occasionally get the odd graphic glitch such as a pixel in a wrong color, so I do believe the graphics card is the source.
    – wxs
    Jul 8, 2015 at 15:50

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