I have a problem with my iPod nano which plays a track initially and later skips to the next track. I tried the same track in itunes v12 and it plays with ease. I had asked for this here for which I got an answer as to try doing the reset+delete all.

But my doubt is that if I am doing the reset (which I have done) then am I not in-directly deleting all the songs+the voice over

If I am wrong with the above then could please tell me what exactly is the difference in the reset and the delete


When you reset you basically restarting the hardware and the device reloads the software.

When you delete you remove all the data from the device.

Though to solve your problem I would suggest you try the following:

Use iTunes to Restore your iPod to factory default. Once complete reload your content.

when you restore you erase the device completely and it reinstalls a new copy of the software to the device.



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