I don't mind that it showed up. But I want it gone.

Apple watch iOS app application icon

I could put it into a folder called "things I don't use". But I'd rather just delete it.

If I ever buy a watch, I can just download the app.

  • I agree that it seems annoying to have these apps that we never use, that we can't get rid of. Spare a thought for the people who WANT an Apple Watch, but can't buy one because it's not available in their country - and yet they still get to see the app on their phone, and can't remove it – Scott Earle May 11 '15 at 2:50

You can't remove several of the Apple-supplied apps (try removing the ever-useful Stocks app, for example).

The Apple Watch app is one of these.

Generally, people tend to move these to a folder that they use to hide the 'useless' apps, or move them to a different screen - just so you're not staring at them all the time.

Where I live, the Apple Watch is not even available yet, but still I got the app staring at me to remind me of this constantly. It got hidden pretty quickly!

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