I just noticed that brew cask install symlinks to ~/Applications. This works fine, but the application item in my dock does not show apps from that folder. Is it supposed to work this way? I expected to have an aggregated view of /Applications and ~/Applications in my dock.


Each item in the dock is a single folder.

OS X does not have merged folder views except in Finder where there are Smart folders

However you could create a smart folder in Finder of Kind is Application and drag that to the Dock

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  • Mh that's what I guessed. I will just symlink to /Applications then by myself. – atamanroman May 7 '15 at 11:33

Another way is to force brew cask install to create the links in the root Applications directory.

  • --appdir=/my/path changes the path where the symlinks to the applications (above) will be generated. This is commonly used to create the links in the root Applications directory instead of the home Applications directory by specifying --appdir=/Applications. Default is ~/Applications.

To make these settings persistent, you might want to add the following line to your .bash_profile or .zshenv:

# Specify your defaults in this environment variable
export HOMEBREW_CASK_OPTS="--appdir=/Applications --caskroom=/etc/Caskroom"

Source: How to Use Homebrew-cask

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