I'm using a MPBr + Yosemite with 2x 27" monitors.

I also use parallels with Win8 for development.

I'm hoping to have 2x 'spaces'. (I'm not sure if that's the best way to describe this). Each space uses BOTH monitors.

1st space (space_1) is my OSX space. This is where I will do my email/slack/chrome.
2nd space (space_2) is Parallels in full screen mode, which will extend over both monitors.

My outcome is this:

  • When i click on the chrome or email or slack icon in my dock, BOTH monitors display the content of space_1. (eg. email/slack/chrome windows).
  • When I click on the windows application in my dock, everything in space_1 disappears away .. and suddenly my windows environment takes over BOTH monitors ... and this is what I call space_2.

I'm trying to do this with Mission Control but it's not working right. When i click on a mac app or a windows app (in the dock) only one of the two monitors changes .. not both :(

It's very frustrating.

Is this possible? Can what I'm asking, be done?

Help me AskDifferent, you're my only hope.


Why not use one "space" and place the parallels apps on monitor 2 and mac apps on monitor 1?

Spaces is like completely new environment of all monitors attached and can't be used in different way.

Maybe this question is a bit old and it's available since Yosemite and El Capitan.

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