As you know Apple just updated the look up function and added previews of the link you highlighted. As a non-native I often use look up to see the meaning of a word. When the word appears as a link, or within a link highlight shows the preview instead of dictionary.

I was wondering if there is a way to switch between them or disable preview options.

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No definitive answer, but I do have a workaround for you.

Select the link including a whitespace before or after it, then use the look up function on the whitespace part of the selection.

Update: you can also look it up by selecting it and then right clicking a few pixels next to it (see picture). I find the quickest way to do this is right clicking the link to select it, than right clicking again right next to it to make the 'Look up' function appear.

enter image description here


Three-finger taps only preview full links in Safari. In other browsers, the gesture looks up the tapped word in Dictionary.

One option, then, would simply be to use a different browser – though, of course, there are many other factors influencing that decision.

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