I use BetterSnapTool to resize my windows with keyboard shortcuts. Since upgrading to Mavericks, after I've used my computer for 6-12ish hours, scrolling and moving things around the screen using the trackpad becomes sluggish and stutters. When I close BetterSnapTool, it fixes the issue, and it stays fixed until I relaunch.

Any ideas what is causing the issue? Is there an easy, low overhead way to automatically quit and relaunch BetterSnapTool every 4 hours or so?


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(This answers the second question about how to automate restarting BetterSnapTool. Since I haven't experienced the issue described and have no second-hand explanations, I can't answer the question of why this is happening.)

Here is a quick and simple AppleScript I whipped up that works for restarting BetterSnapTools:

tell application "BetterSnapTool"
end tell

delay 2 -- Wait for BetterSnapTool to close

tell application "BetterSnapTool" to activate

If you want to set this to automatically run every, say, 6 hours I think your best bet is to create a Launch Daemon using launchd. A quick presentation of this approach can be found here. For more information, check the entry on creating Launch Daemons in the apple developer's library.

You said "low overhead", which I took to mean using only methods native to OS X. If you're fine with third-party software, though, this GUI application for cron (the precursor to launchd) scheduling seems promising (but I haven't tried it so can't be certain).

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