In the Finder of my mac, it often happens that some photos in a folder are displaying wrong previews. The set of photos which have this problem is random and unpredictable: sometimes among 10 photos in a row there is one with a wrong thumbnail. The wrong thumbnail is always another photo in the same folder. Rebooting the machine does not help, which means the wrong information is stored somewhere. When I duplicate the photos (as an experiment), the new copy is OK.

I wonder if there is a way to force refreshing the thumbnails.

MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2014), OS X Yosemite (10.10.2)

I have also asked this question on https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6988345 but received no answer yet.

  • First thing I'd do is run Disk Utility, Verify Disk. – Tetsujin May 1 '15 at 9:13

A couple of things you can try:

  • Open the folder in Finder - click on the Actions button- select Show View Options - put a check next to Show icon preview. If it's checked, uncheck it, close the window, open it back up and check it again
  • Head for your home folder - Library / Preferences - move the com.apple.finder.plist file to the desktop - log out and back in. If this fixes it, you can delete the file. This is going to reset all your Finder preferences to default.
  • the thumbnails are stored in a folder called com.apple.QuickLook.thumbnailcache in a subfolder of /var/folders. The quickest way to locate it should be to run sudo find . -name com.apple.Q*. You could move that folder to a different location and restart the Finder process (killall Finder) to force a recreation of the thumbnails.
  • I can't find the thumbnail folder, even if I use the command "sudo find . -name com.apple.QuickLook.thumbnailcache* ". I go to /var/folders but there are only two subfolders named 5z and zz. I am using Yosemite 10.10.3. – Y.H. May 2 '15 at 4:57
  • Inside Library / Preferences there is no com.apple.finder.plist. Only com.apple.FindMyMac.plist starts with "f". – Y.H. May 2 '15 at 5:01
  • inside those two subfolders called 5z and zz you will find two more folder levels; the next level will be rather cryptic names names like 6j_hj4590t37m93wj_ba0p040320gp, the next level will be a single letter or number and inside these "single char folders" you will find the com.apple.QuickLook.thumbnailcache on. Do the following to locate them: sudo bash cd /var/folders find . -name com.apple.QuickLook.thumbnailcache – FLIR31207 May 2 '15 at 8:33

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