Using "Photos" Version 1.0 (209.52.0) that just got "put" on my computer at last update. Here's what my share menu looks like:

"Share album" flyout menu with the following fields: Shared Album Name, To, and Comment. Disabled "create" button as well.

Here's the support page where I looked for help.

Goal: expose photo album via a URL I can copy/paste to people.


Share it with the person - then once the album is created, in Photos, there will be an icon with a head in a circle. This is the settings pane for the shared photo album.

Full Procedure:

  1. Create Shared iCloud Album
  2. Select new Shared Album from left side pane in Photos
  3. Click head in a circle icon to get an option to turn on the Public Website.
  4. Check that box and it gives you the URL.


Album Options pane

Not obvious, but it works.

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