I recently installed leksah on my Mac (once directly, once via brew cask).

When I try to open it in Finder, Dock or use spotlight the window flashes open for a second and then closes immediately. When I open it via terminal using open -a Leksah or open ~/Applications/Leksah it opens just fine.

Other users have experienced the same issue with other apps and other OSX versions as well. Is there a difference in behavior when opening an application using any of these methods? How can one debug what's going on?

  • I have recently seen the same issue with a different application (DBeaver) on High Sierra. Commented Dec 24, 2018 at 18:35

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Well, one difference is that via Command Line, you can pass the file to be opened as an argument, but I guess this is not the difference you are after.

The behaviour you speak of appears to be a bug which can be observed when running Yosemite. The issue is still open: https://github.com/leksah/leksah/issues/37

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