On Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) the terminal shows you executables and folders and such in different colors so you can identify them easier. Is this possible on Mac OS Terminal, too?


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To add color output of the ls command, you need to edit your ~/.bash_profile and add:

export CLICOLOR=1
export LSCOLORS=ExFxCxDxBxegedabagacad

This is just an example, look at the ls manpage on how to change specific color values.

  • where is the ~/.bash_profile?? Jun 19, 2021 at 22:36
  • The tilde ( ~ ) signifies your home folder. So it is in your home folder. It begins with a period, so it's a hidden file, so press Command + Shift + . to see hidden files.
    – Benice
    Dec 20, 2022 at 9:15

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