I have an old iPhone 4 that has been sitting unused since I got my new phone - it has now sold and I have to clean it out so it's ready for the next person.

Here's the problem:

  1. The wifi doesn't work and the phone's inactivated (so I can't get online).
  2. It is asking for a restrictions passcode I don't ever remember setting.

I tried the default (0000) but no luck. What can I do to get this phone back to factory settings?

  • FWIW, there is no default passcode. You set up the passcode when you enable restrictions and there is no standard passcode as you are required to enter one. – grg Apr 22 '15 at 17:35

To bypass a forgotten Restrictions password, you must restore the phone as a 'new phone' by connecting to iTunes, without restoring any backup.

You must also make sure to remove the phone from iCloud before you sell it -
otherwise the next owner will not be able to activate it.


You can wipe your iPhone with iTunes: Apple's support page

Sometimes, it's also possible to recover the restrictions passcode, but that requires a lot of work. 2


You can retrieve the restrictions passcode for iPhone 4 (iOS 6-specific) by following the steps outline in the blogpost found here.

Also, for iOS 7 and iOS 8, I've published an updated version of the blogpost cited above. My new one can be found at http://excentrix.io/recover-your-ios-78-restrictions-passcode-forgotten-or-otherwise/.

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