I'd like to change the thumbnail selected by Photo.app for some of the people on the Faces album, but I can't seem to find that option. Also, consolidating some of the suggested names –which I suppose are contacts in some of the cases– would be great.

  1. Right-click on the Faces album you'd like modify, and click Get Info.

  2. Double click the small round photo that appears on the fifth row of the info pop-up. All photos in that album will now appear behind this pop-up.

  3. Right-click the photo you that you want to use as that Faces album thumbnail, and click Make Key Photo.


Also works:

  1. Double click on the face album you'd like to change
  2. Select Faces on the second row from the top of the app (Caras in Spanish) ("Caras" is Faces in Spanish)
  3. Right click on the face you'd like to select for the thumbnail and select Make key photo from the pop-up menu.

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