I'm switching to using Photos and I'm trying to import all my old photos. I select them all in Finder and drag them into Photos, some import and for some I get the error "Unable to get metadata". However, if I individually select any of the files that gave an error and drag them in, they import without errors.

I still have several thousand to import and I don't want to have to find them individually and drag them in, any idea whats going on?

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I managed to work around this issue/bug by dragging the photos from Finder into Photos manually in batches (e.g. 200 or 300 pictures at once).


I fixed this by moving the photo to a different disk or volume first then importing.


That's an annoying bug. You could try to work around the bug by building an Automator recipe that takes your images on at a time and loads them each into Photos.app.

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